Fresh and Sustainable Seafood, in Arizona?

The state of Arizona is not exactly synonymous with fresh seafood. More like Sonoran Desert cactus, red rocks and desolate deserts. We are a landlocked state after all. But the tides are changing thanks to Chula Seafood. Here’s how this San Diego-born seafood distributor is changing the seafood landscape and delivering from boat-to-plate, right here in Arizona.

About Chula

Established in 2009 in San Diego by the Heflin family, this family-owned and operated fishery specializes in commercial fishing and wholesale distribution. And lucky for Arizona residents, Chula Seafood began delivering fresh fish to the desert in 2015. Each Monday Jon Heflin fuels up for a drive to California to pick up an assortment of fish directly from the Chula facilities twice per week, fished from the decks of Chula, a custom-built harpoon boat. This haul supplies local restaurants across town, and their own brick-and-mortar shop in Scottsdale, with a recurring supply of fresh fish.

Common Ground and Chula

There are a variety of great Arizona restaurants that are currently working with Chula Seafood at this time, two of which include Twisted Grove and Grassroots. The next time that you order a poke dish from Grassroots or our So-Cal Swordfish, you can take a bite and know that what you’re enjoying is not only fresh but sustainably-sourced, too.

Our Approach to Fresh Ingredients

At every point possible we prefer to use only the freshest ingredients and locally-sourced products, like organically grown greens, in our kitchens, here at Twisted Grove, and across all of the Common Ground Culinary concepts. This method fits with our from-scratch model and gives our guests an authentic dining experience, because who doesn’t prefer fresh, local ingredients?

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